Friday, December 1, 2017




It is beats of life
I gather from you
in the rapid melting of day
fatigue dissipated into ecstasy
diluted into drops
in a lump of ire
when full flood rushes strongest
overpowering me
sour water of your dream
mixed to mine
we are immense
together and luminous
even if distant as pale stars
fading into dawn


I have not forgotten
the scent of orange blossoms
on your hair
you have left the remains of nerols
on my bed sheets
oranges and lemon trees
bloom every sunset
on love's lips


Hug me
from roots to tips
how does storm water with trees ...
when the wind comes
between the branches
embraces this body of leaves
you know
the thousand springs I watched
the sleepless nights
made of melancholic stars:
take them between your arms
and cuddle up to find the dream

VALENTINA MELONI: Born in Rome (Italy) on 5/06/1976, graduating from classical maturity she also studied classical dance and piano. She has been writing poetry and tales for several years. She lives in Valdichiana since 2007 and leads a rather retracted life in contact with woods and all the natural beauties that surround and inspire her.She writes poems, tales and aphorisms. She has published for poetry Neigiardini di Suzhou (2015), Le regole del controdolore (2016), Alambic(2017) and a bilingual haiku collection Nanita for Otata's Bookshelf (2017). Her texts were translated into English, Chinese, and Japanese and appeared in international magazines and anthologies. She isessays and reviews columns redactor in Diwali-contaminated magazine and interviews redactor in Euterpe Literature Magazine where she also cares for the haiku column Komorebi. She writes in other literature magazines and in her eco-poetry and deep ecology blogs.

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  1. Congratulations Poet Valentina on your passionate poems. You are very gifted, in so many ways.